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Agreement Value Of Flat

In this method, the agreement is printed on ordinary paper. This document is submitted to an authorized bank that processes documents through a frankier machine. Authorized banks stamp the proof of purchase of real estate or set a unit value. This proves that stamp duty was paid for the transaction. 2. Stamp duty on the reference value of the property must be paid accordingly. So even if you buy this car park, the parking will later be under the control of the association / the company, so it would be better to accept the proposal of the owner to give up now parking in the contract for the present. 1. Full property value: From the buyer`s point of view, this is the simplest and easiest way to run real estate registration. The only condition is that the value of the property is greater or equal to the guidance circle/value set/ready-reckoner. The only negative is that a buyer might be forced to pay more for stamp duty and registration fees.

In Mumbai, India, when I go to buy the apartment, then every broker/seller talks about “flat cost” and “agreement value.” I don`t know what the difference is between them. – What is the circular/stamp rate of the property? In West Bengal, it could be otherwise. In southern India, it is called the orientation value. The value of the stamp tax is the value at which the property is registered and stamp duty is paid. With respect to income tax, the calculation of the capital gain is paid at least at the value of the stamp tax. 1. Uds/Sale Agreement Value: Registering a property at Undivided Share (UDS) is the most common practice. For a property under construction, the builders sign 2 contracts with the buyer, i.e. the sales contract and the construction contract. As far as the layman is concerned, the sales contract is towards the cost of the land. It is also a common area or an undivided part of the country or an undivided right and interest in the property.

On the other hand, the construction contract focuses on the construction costs of housing/property. If you want to know the true market value of your property, you must follow the procedure and provide accurate information about the property in which the property is located or located, for example. B; 1. District 2. Taluka 3. Division or village 4. Type of property such as (country, housing, office, store and industrial unit) 5.C. S. (Cadastral Survey Number) in Mumbai Division C.T.S.