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Bme Market Data Distribution Agreement

The Deutsche Berse indices and the data it contains (the “indexed data”) are the intellectual property (including trademarks) of Deutsche Berse AG, Frankfurt, Germany (“DBAG”) and/or its licensees (the “licensees”). The use of the index data requires a license from the DBAG. DBAGs and licensees do not take explicit or implied guarantees or guarantees about the news, order, accuracy, completeness, news, market accessibility, quality or adequacy to a given purpose of indexed data. In particular, the inclusion or removal of a company in a DBAG index does not reflect an opinion of the DBAG or licensees on the benefits of that company. The DBAG and the licensees do not offer investment advice, taxes or other professional advice by publishing or in connection with the German stock exchange`s indices. Measures are being taken to ensure that the functions inherent in BME`s regulated subsidiaries (as well as the personnel necessary for their operation and the technology necessary for their operation) are maintained in Spain (without prejudice to the strategic decisions that could be taken to improve or improve BME`s market infrastructure services) under the conditions to be defined in the authorisation procedure before the CNMV and the Spanish Government. In this context, SIX plans to retain the headquarters of regulated companies in Spain. Credit Suisse provides SIX with a fully signed bridge facility for the financing needs of the proposed transaction (with the 100% assumption). The bridge facility will be refinanced by an optimal mix of existing resources and long-term instruments for the debt market. SIX recently secured the monetization of part of its stake in Worldline worth approximately 500 million euros through an equity-collar transaction, has a significant share of available cash on the balance sheet and largely unused debt financing capabilities.

Customers can only use the exchange data from BME Market Data, S.A. (“BMEMD”) delivered in MSCI products internally. The client has no right to relay it. The bond quality card uses a methodology developed by MSCI using ratings issued by rating agencies. Credit ratings are statements of opinion and not factual allegations or recommendations regarding the purchase, holding or sale of securities. They do not address the market value of securities or the adequacy of securities for investment purposes and should not be used as investment advice. Although the ratings of S-P can be used as inputs when establishing the bond quality card, S-P does not sponsor, support or promote Bond Quality Mapping.