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Clcss Agreement Format

(vi) SIDBI and NABARD both have the right to view eligible fold books and loan accounts, regardless of whether or not the refinancing is used by the node agency under this program and/or to require other information requested from time to time by GoI. I have already used the CLCSS grant from Rs.10.80 lakhs in 2013-14. Now I intend to buy new machines. So I need information that if I res request this grant for the rest of rs.4.20 Lakhs? Do I have the grant? iii) After the aid sanction, the eligible PLI receives, on behalf of the Indian Government (GoI), an agreement with the relevant SSI unit. The format of the agreement to be executed by the authorized PLI with the SSI unit is in Appendix III. v) the eligible PLI makes quarterly grant forecasts through its headquarters (HO), which will serve as a node, to the regional office (RO) /succursale (BO) of SIDBI or NABARD (as appropriate) in the region. Subsidy forecast data for each quarter on March 1 or before March 1 for the April-June quarter, or before June 1 for the July-September quarter, September 1 and September 1 for the October-December quarter may be presented in accordance with the prescribed format. (ii) When the government capital allowance is found to have been used on the basis of false information, the industrial unit is required to reimburse the government for the capital allowance used, as well as the interest payable between the date of payment and the date of repayment. The interest rate is the main interest rate of the PLIs concerned at the time of the invocation of this penalty clause.

5.1 All planned commercial banks, co-operative banks envisaged [including municipal cooperative banks that were co-opted by SIDBI as part of the Textile Ministry`s Technological Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS),] Rural Regional Banks (RRBs), Public Financial Corporations (SFC) and North Eastern Development Financial Institution (NEDFi) are eligible under this scheme, after concluding a general agreement (GA) with one of the node agencies, the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) and the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). I applied for a grant and I was not used. On request, there was a letter from SIDBI saying that they had restarted the details 3 days before the previous closing date ii. Small and small businesses (MSEs) with a valid UAM number. No no. The grant is 15% to 1 million ru. 15% to the actual value of the machine, which is lower. Based on limited information, what I understand is that the value of your machine was less than Rs.

1 Cr and therefore grant of Rs. 10.80 Lakes was granted to you. (ii) Units that receive CLCSS grants will not use other grants for technology improvement by the central/national/UT government. However, this system may also cover cases under the National Equity Fund (NEF) system that are otherwise eligible for the CLCSS.