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In Agreement Adalah

But the confident tone provided no response to Mary`s approval. Again, as if by mutual agreement, they looked at each other with a meaning on their faces. Noun-Pronoun-Accord: Number and Gender Equality The results of my experience are in line with those of Michelson and the law of general relativity. We all agree that Mr. Ross should resign. The word “agreement,” if one refers to a grammatical rule, means that the words used by an author must be aligned with number and sex (if any). For more details on the two main types of agreements, please see below: Object-Verb-Accord and Noun Pronoun. This is the eternal agreement, but an agreement whose terms we find difficult to accept. That is how you make an agreement; U.K. and U.S. negotiators on the verge of reaching an agreement; he agreed. The Council agrees with the government`s policy. He advised her to be careful and ask for a copy of the agreement.

Now that there is an etcetera in an agreement, there is always an opening to quarrels. And on the way out, he lived up to the letter of their agreement. If you are referring to general groups or names, you should pay attention to the number and gender agreement. Who would not have made such an agreement with his conscience? The mention of Mege led them all to an agreement, because they hated him unanimously. I do not recall anything being said about that in our agreement. These results are at odds with our previous conclusions. We tried to make some plans, but we could not agree. Do you want to see more writing resources? Check out the home page of the writing center.

If the verb were plural, it would refer to more than one theme. Here is an example of where this plural verb would work: . As “administration” is a group word, you should use a word to replace the group as a whole. It is a singular entity, a group, and there is no sex, so you would use the singular, non-sexual word , “it.” Here is the theme “conclusion,” and the verb is “shown.” Since the “conclusion” is singular (there is only one), the verb should also be singular. More questions about your Doctoral-Capstone or the criticism of form and style? Send an email to the form and style editors under In this example, “students” is a plural noun, and “sound” is the appropriate plural pronoun to replace the noun. In the English language, the third plural pronoun has no sex (unlike the singular “being” or “you”).