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India China Sign Agreement On Security Cooperation

The agreement will strengthen cooperation in the areas of counter-terrorism, drug control and other relevant areas The agreement followed the first high-level meeting on bilateral security cooperation, co-chaired by Rajnath Singh and Zhao, who led a delegation of more than 30 Chinese diplomats. Zhao is visiting India from 21 to 25 October, during which he will also visit Mumbai. With the movement of Indians and Chinese in each other`s countries, there are often questions about the arrests and detentions of their respective nationals. The agreement can pave the way for these issues to be addressed and lead to the signing of an extradition treaty between the two countries. Beyond these high-level issues, the agreement will be useful in addressing issues of common interest such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and disaster management. The agreement was signed by EU Interior Minister Rajnath Singh and The State Council of China and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi, a step that took place only a year after two months of border conflict between the Indian army and the Chinese People`s Liberation Army in Doklam, at the India-Bhutan-China tri-crossroads last year. The agreement has little to do with the salt-salt dispute with India, which is settled by other mechanisms and agreements. But it will certainly deal with cross-border infiltration and, more importantly, disaster management. Because rivers flow from China to India, there are often situations where advance warning is essential to prevent flooding or landslides downstream. A Chinese delegation met with an Indian team on 28 August to discuss the imminent visit of the Chinese Minister of Public Security and the proposed security cooperation pact between the two countries, the official said. The Minister of the Interior, Mr. Singh, co-chaired, together with the Council of State and the Minister of Public Security of the People`s Republic of China Kezhi, the first high-level meeting between India and China on bilateral security cooperation, during which the two sides discussed issues of common interest, including bilateral cooperation in the area of counter-terrorism , and welcomed the strengthening of cooperation between India and China in the area of security cooperation.

This will be the first such agreement between the Indian and Chinese authorities dealing with the internal security of the countries concerned, the official said. China said today that its first internal security cooperation agreement with India would provide an institutional guarantee for the fight against cross-border crimes, but it remained provocative in the face of any change in attitudes aimed at blocking India`s efforts to include Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) Pakistani leader Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by the UN. For the first time, India and China will sign a domestic security cooperation agreement during the upcoming visit by China`s Minister of Public Security, marking a new beginning in bilateral relations, officials said Monday. Less well-known areas of cooperation are India`s membership in the Beijing-sponsored Asia-Infrastructure Investment Bank, our membership in the BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Measures in Asia (CICA) and various international forums on a number of topics. The Wuhan Summit set the tone for the relationship between the two in the present period. The aim is to get the two countries to manage the difficult areas of their relations and to find areas of convergence, as well as to promote better coordination between them.