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Insurance Agreement Clause

You should also comply with the obligation to maintain an insurance policy for a specified period of time, usually in the following areas: Aviation (Aircraft) Liability: Aviation Liability Insurance is an insurance contract that insures the owner of an aircraft against losses incurred as a result of payment of damage to persons or property caused by or in the operation of these aircraft. One case on point is Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Group Apprentices v Statrona P/L (2002) 12 ANZ Ins Case 61-530. Western Sydney Apprentices is the employer of an apprentice, Mr Hannaford, who was seriously injured while working at Statrona. Mr Hannaford sued Western Sydney Apprentices and Statrona for allegedly negligent injuries. A complex series of third-party communications was filed, in which the parties used all contributions. There were several contentious issues, but the most important issue was whether Western Sydney Apprentices was obliged to take out insurance to compensate Statrona for the corresponding liability. In the appeal proceedings, the court found that there was a contract requiring Western Sydney Apprentices to take out insurance to free Statrona from liability. If Western Sydney Apprentices did not report such a policy, it was liable to Statrona for damages commensurance to the compensation awarded by the missing policy, while stating its own insurance, on which it could claim damages. 4) In the event of a change, cancellation, expiry or substantial reduction in insurance coverage, this contract is terminated immediately, unless Riverside County receives, prior to this effective date, another original certificate and original copies duly executed of certified original mentions or policies, including all mentions and schedules that justify the indications of insurance coverage, and the required assurance is fully effective. CONTRACTOR enters service only when the original insurance certificate (s) and the original certified copies of the mentions and, upon request, the original insurance policies certified as compliant, including all mentions and other annexes covered in this section, have been forwarded to the COUNTY for settlement. A person authorized by the insurance company signs the initial mentions for each policy and the insurance certificate.