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Iq Student Accommodation Tenancy Agreement

· “rental start date”: that your profession, in accordance with the terms of this agreement 4.6.1, may begin in order to obtain the flat space and common areas in an order of repair and decoration and a clean condition at least as good as those at the beginning of the lease (or if you have the start date of the previous tenancy that you have entered into with regard to the space) , with the exception of damage caused by an accidental fire and water from the service area; (b) if the tenancy agreement persists beyond the expiry date (by explicit written agreement between the lessor and the tenant) by the payment by the tenant by the tenant in advance of the funds compensated in the account indicated. 1.12 Caution – A sum of money paid by the tenant at the beginning of the lease (shown in the above introduction of this contract) and kept as collateral throughout the period of residence to ensure that the tenant meets and insures his obligations under this contract. The deposit paid is paid as part of the 2011 lease bond settlement with the rental deposit plan chosen by the management company. The details of the plan are in section 5, paragraph 5, of this agreement. If you do not receive a VISA for the UK before the start of your lease, we will terminate your lease and refund all rental payments as long as you provide the following information: – Written confirmation of your intention to cancel your booking; and support for official evidence that the visa was refused. 3.3.2 Alternative accommodation is no less standard than your room; and 5.2 The security deposit is recovered by the management company on behalf of the lessor and deposited within 30 business days of the effective date of the state-approved rental bond scheme. So, today, as a guarantor, I received an email from QIQ`s credit service, taking into account that my son has been in constant contact with them due to financial problems due to Covid and a student finance error. I write in response to your threatening email to myself, in which the following section is blatantly false… We have made several attempts to get in touch with their unpaid rent. As we could not reach them and because their rent is outstanding, we contact you My son regularly spoke to your representative by phone and referred to his inability to respond to your requests for money, at least twice in my ear, while the young woman at the end of the phone was exceptionally unsympathetic and touched him to tears. It got the lowest possible grant from SFE, which DID NOT take into account our revenues, and due to Covid and other personnel issues, it is impossible to contact to correct this.