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Mould Agreement Template

Temple Mould Services offers high quality forms for automotive, medicine, electronics and other sectors. First, make sure your manufacturer agrees in writing that the form or tool belongs to you. Do it clearly and do so in a contract applicable in the country where you send your form or tools. Second, this agreement should also provide for jurisdiction before a court in that country, because it must go to an arbitrator who does not have the power to order your manufacturer to return your form/tool, it will not cut. Third, if possible, you get a deposit for your form, what deposit will return you if the shape is returned to you. Forth, and this becomes especially important if you don`t get a security deposit (and you almost certainly won`t), set a liquidated damages provision that applies if your form is not returned if indicated. Fifth, mark your shape/tool with something hidden and difficult to remove, indicating that it is yours. – We can also support mold manufacturers who wish to offer a mold design to their toolmakers. With manufacturing assistance in Europe and Asia, we can offer a low-cost, qualitative solution. Communication is done in your national language (Hungarian, English – Czech) and we offer complete project management throughout the construction of moulds.

We support all types of machining in Europe or Asia, including EDM, CNC and high-speed machining, laser welding, etc. In addition, we are familiar with most types of 3D file formats and offer moldflow scans on your parts. In addition, we have the ability to project shapes with cpks of up to 1.66 and with optimized cycle time. If necessary, we can install the shape on your machine and perform full tests (FAT, SAT, etc.). We can design shapes of most types and complexities, because we have experience in automotive, medicine, menagerie, electronics and more. These include stacked shapes, 2K, high cavitation forms as well as hot and cold runners. Mid-Plane MeshMidplane – Conversion of more complex model into CAD as 3D network or fusion, but very detailed results and extensive skills. Our favorite for the complex bottling cooling jobs – Warpage analysis, including fiber orientation. B. The customer hereby waives and agrees to compensate the company for any liability, cost, debt, damages or judgments resulting from the storage of the customer`s forms and tools. It is the client`s exclusive and exclusive duty to obtain and maintain such accident or insurance coverage, as he deems necessary to protect his forms and tools while he is owned by the company.

c. Under no circumstances will the entity be liable for the consequential damages, including, but not limited, to the loss of profits allegedly incurred by the client or a third party. In collaboration with his firm`s international Slavic team, Dan focuses on the creation/registration of companies abroad (through WFOEs, Rep Offices or joint ventures), the development of international contracts (OEM agreements, licenses, distribution, etc.), the protection of intellectual property (brands, trade secrets, copyrights and patents) and the monitoring of M-A transactions.c. The company may withhold additional parts deliveries if payment is not made under the terms of previous deliveries or tools. All unpaid amounts at maturity are subject to a monthly late fee of 1.1.2% per month, which is paid monthly. MPAs are able to provide other moldflow users with a high quality, accurate, ready-to-use network, usually in a matter of days. Contact us for more information on outsourcing your meshing requirements. Get refunds from your manufacturer where the shapes don`t meet expectations.

Our documents are written in Chinese and English by certified lawyers. Dan is a frequent author and public stakeholder on Asian business and travels constantly between the United States and Asia. He speaks most often about Chinese law issues and is the lead author of China`s award-winning law blog.