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Nisga`a Taxation Agreement

3. The Minister responsible for administering the Finance Administration Act is authorized to enter into an agreement amending the tax treaty and may sign the amending agreement before or after its approval by the Deputy Governor of the Council. “Property Tax Agreement,” the July 31, 2014 Property Tax Coordination Agreement between Her Majesty the Queen in British Columbia And The Province of British Columbia, including Calendars A and B attached to the Property Tax Coordination Agreement, as well as any changes to the Property Tax Coordination Agreement , carried out in accordance with its conditions and published in section 10.07; NOW THEREFORE, given the premises and agreements outlined below, the parties agree: 41. The contracting parties want and expect most disputes to be resolved through informal discussions between or between the parties, without recourse to a dispute resolution mechanism. b) if the property tax contract is terminated in accordance with its terms, termination. CONSIDERING that Canadian courts have held that the best way to achieve this reconciliation is to negotiate and obtain agreements, rather than being the subject of litigation or conflict; (4) In accordance with paragraphs 21 and 22 of the “Taxes” chapter of the Nisg`a, the tax treaty is not part of the final agreement nisg`a`et` and is not a basic contract or credit within the meaning of Section 25 or 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. As with the consumer and property taxes, citizens of Nisga`a are no longer exempt from income tax as of January 1, 2013. British Columbia and NLG are negotiating an agreement on income tax sharing. The parties expect British Columbia to receive 50 per cent of B.C. income tax in 2013, paid by Nisga`a Citizens, who lives in Nisga`a Lands.

10.05 Under the property tax agreement, the Minister responsible for administering the Finance Administration Act may pay the amount of the surplus to Nisg`a nation for a fiscal year, which is called a “surplus” in Article 12.3 of the Property Tax Convention. 27. No estate or interest of nisga`a Nation, Nisga`a Village or a government company in Nisga`a Fee Simple Lands is subject to real estate taxation, except for land or participation in land in Nisga`a Fee Simple Lands, where the land is used for purposes other than public or non-profit activities. Representatives from the NLG and British Columbia met to discuss the delegation of B.C. real estate tax powers to the NLG.