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White Label Solution Agreement

Each white-label service contract should describe in detail the structure of the arrangement. Does the customer know who is doing the work or who is designing the product, or will your company pretend to be the author? The term “White Label” comes from the fashion industry. Company A takes a garment that Company B has created and uses its own label, so it seems that Company A designed the garments. You will see the same situation when buying for store brand foods. They are the same items as the grocery brand, but they are renamed as a more general offer, so you can save money. While white labelling has many advantages, things can go wrong quickly. Some of the most pessimistic scenarios include: the agreement should define the level of customer expectations. Are the customer`s expectations unreasonable? What do they need and can you meet those expectations? Insert a performance management section into the agreement. This section describes the results expected by the customer and whether you can provide these results. A supplier can have an excellent offer, for example. B a tax service, a logo creator or a game, but it lacks a large clientele. The platform offers to existing companies allows them to benefit from their goods or services, as they are marketed under a trusted brand.

The white-label service agreement can be established on the basis of a distribution or agency, depending on the circumstances. The white-label service agreement should also include the scope of the administration. Who is responsible for negotiating projects that go beyond the original scope of the agreement? How should you review budgets? A white-label solution agreement also indicates the customer`s obligations to promote the solution and obtain the necessary approval of the users of the solution with regard to the transfer, processing and storage of users` personal data. The terms of a white-label agreement generally contain the following conditions: a white-label solution agreement sets out the conditions under which a provider of saaS (Software-as-a Service) and a customer collaborate to offer a white-label solution. A white-label solution agreement defines the supplier`s obligations, including the development of the solution, the service level agreement promised by the supplier and the supplier`s guarantees and disclaimers. Most white-label service agreements contain a section on profit potential. You need to make sure that the agency you are using calculates the client enough for the Agency and you can make a decent profit.