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Double Taxation Agreement Singapore South Africa

The navigation area above allows you to access the texts of the corresponding agreements. Both countries use the imputation method to eliminate double taxation. In the case of dividends paid to a Singapore company, the credit also takes into account the taxes on the profits on which the dividends are paid, provided that the Singapore company holds, directly or indirectly, at least 10% of the share capital of the South African company. Agreements between the two tax administrations of two countries should enable administrations to eliminate double taxation. The Treaty provides that, where a company is considered to be established in both Contracting States, the competent authorities shall determine by common accord the registered office of the company for the purposes of the Treaty. In the absence of an agreement, the undertaking shall be considered to be outside the scope of the Treaty, with the exception of the provisions of Article 24 (exchange of information). The provisions of the DBA apply to persons domiciled in one or two Contracting States. For more information on the agreement between Singapore and South Africa to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion in the context of income tax, see IRAS. Read more The final protocol of the treaty provides that, if South Africa concludes an agreement with a third country providing for a lower withholding tax rate on dividends, South Africa must inform Singapore and enter into negotiations to offer treatment comparable to that provided for the third country. DTAS aims to alleviate the double taxation of income received in one jurisdiction by a resident in another jurisdiction.

In force since December 16, 2016, the Singapore – South Africa DBA exempts from double taxation in the situation where income is taxed for both countries. Since 1993, South Africa has been a high priority country under the SCP. More than 800 South African civil servants have attended SCP training programmes on topics such as economic development, trade and urban solutions. .