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End User Agreement Fortnite

I have one too, and I have never been asked to accept any agreement. It`s for my son who plays Fortnite, someone got an end-user license agreement from Fortnite, and what did you do? Does he agree or does he disagree? Here`s what it means and what fans should do when they receive the message in Fortnite. Interesting because my children have not had access to their computers in the last three days, so they could not have “accepted” anything, even if they were invited to do so. It`s probably something like ā€“ you`ve updated the game ā€“ which allows you to accept the updated terms or something players should accept, and they`ll be able to play fortnite well afterwards. What`s really interesting is that my kids` mailboxes received these two “acceptance” emails yesterday. It`s unclear why the news might suddenly appear to some fans, unless it`s the first time players have launched Fortnite, but the EULA`s message is very simple. He basically explains that Epic Games does not grant refunds for V-Bucks purchases and has the right to block accounts that sell V-Bucks, etc. Or they just changed the system a bit and there was no change in the terms, but it`s introduced as a kind of “reminder” if you update the game or a bit of an end-user license agreement fortnite is a message that fans might see if they try to start a game. As with many other terms, there`s a huge wall of text that may be too much to read, and fans aren`t sure whether to accept or decline. Somehow, I find this strange, as I have never “accepted” anything lately.