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Farm Financial Improvement Agreement

4. Under this Section, the Secretary may not exempt a farmer from the activity examination if, in the preceding twelve months, the farmer has already benefited from an exemption for 2 other periods referred to in this Section (irrespective of the length of the periods or whether a household allowance was paid during the periods). 5. A financial improvement agreement must be entered into in a form approved by the secretary. (i) the person would encounter serious financial difficulties if the person performs the work. (b) before the increase is paid, the aid to agricultural households shall no longer be paid to the person. Note: A quarterly energy supplement is not payable to a household allowance recipient (see section 94). (a) the financial year preceding the financial year in which the new provision was adopted; or (a) have participated in misconduct in the course of performing an activity defined in the financial improvement agreement applicable to the person; 3. A non-agricultural asset is an asset other than an agricultural asset. 6……… . .