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Memorandum Of Agreement Nhs

Projects are jointly approved between NHS Digital Executive and drive`s executive team and approved by the DRIVE Board. These projects are described in separate cooperation agreements describing information governance, intellectual property, trade agreements and rights of use. We also have a framework agreement with the Ministry of Health. The specific work programmes defined under this Memorandum of Understanding shall be described in separate cooperation agreements which shall specify individually the scope, the main results and the related funding and resource commitments for each programme. NHSD Chief Commercial Officer will sit on the DRIVE Board, which will oversee the operational effectiveness of the programme. NHS Digital is the national information and technology partner for the healthcare and healthcare system. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was agreed between NHS England, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and the British Generics Manufacturers Association (BGMA). The DRIVE unit will be a `hothouse` for these exploration activities, a rich environment for NHS digital technologists to work with industrial and academic colleagues in this work, and the launching pad for concepts that can be `modulated` across the system within our delivery programmes or in regional and local technology programmes. Memorandum of Understanding between CQC, GMC and NHS England: General Practice Ahead. This Memorandum of Understanding sets out the terms and agreements between GOSH and NHSD (the Parties) for joint work under the Trust`s new Digital Research, Computing and Virtual Environments (DRIVE) programme. Progress in the relationship is communicated to the GOSH DRIVE Board as a standing agenda at each meeting and quarterly by the CEO and Head of the NHSD at the NHSD Executive Board.

We see the potential for the use of cross-sectoral raw material technologies in many areas of our work. Our first three priorities will be: a declaration of intent between two organizations to cooperate and outline what they will achieve. Nicola Grinstead Deputy Chief Executive Great Ormond Street NHS FT The aim of this meeting is to promote closer and more effective cooperation between regulators. * Monitor/NHS Trust Development Authority: NHS Improvement was established on 1 April 2016 and brings together Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority. MoUs with these organizations still exist and are under review. This Statement of Intent is after it has been authorised and may be amended by mutual agreement by authorised officials of GOSH/NHSD. This Memorandum of Understanding shall take effect upon signature by authorized personnel and shall remain in force until amended or terminated by mutual agreement by one of the Partners. A first contribution of £1m of capital will be made by NHSD for equipment, equipment and infrastructure costs for the establishment of the DRIVE unit and the first cooperation programmes. Thereafter, individual projects will be supported separately at the time of their launch. . . .